Flat fee recruitment to find the talent you need.

Our Talent is finding yours

Are your job advertisements failing to bring you the right calibre of candidates, but you are not sure why?

Or are you spending £££’s on high recruitment fees?

Are your advertising costs mounting up with no guarantee of return on investment?

Are you wasting your time sifting through hundreds of CV’s?

Do you need to recruit for a confidential role?

Here’s the Thing…

Advertising only accesses the highly active candidate market (candidates who are searching and applying every day who happen to access your advertisement by using the right search criteria), which means that you are missing out on a huge percentage of the more passive candidate market.

But outsourcing recruitment is soooo expensive right? We hear you! 💸

This is where ViTalent comes in…

We understand that you want to access the very best candidates for your business without the huge financial outlay.

We provide a full and comprehensive recruitment service at a cost-effective price, along with a free replacement guarantee with each placement, giving you complete peace of mind. 🏆

We are a boutique recruitment company, partnering with SME’s across the UK to dramatically reduce cost per hire, and ultimately finding the talent that is vital for your business.

ViTalent is a fixed price, flat fee, full-service recruitment solution that is designed to disrupt the recruitment industry.

If you would like to find out how we do this and how we are completely different from other recruitment businesses, get in touch.

“ViTalent– Our Talent is finding yours…”